emp generators No.22

Work process:
1, through the IC chip + pulse oscillation circuit composed of transistor.
To shock processing, the power supply to the suitable frequency
2, through a dedicated RF transistor to signal after finishing of high frequency amplifier,
and then through the high frequency coil again signal sorting output RF signal pulse high magnetic field

Working on separator principle: game consoles and separator can emit high frequency electromagnetic wave,
the console control chip on the motherboard have points, with game consoles can interfere with the game board,
coin, key points, high frequency magnetic field signal can penetrate the inside of the machine wire, resistor,
capacitor, chip, IC, transistor, SCM, etc., after the interference on the points on the integrated circuit
receives signals or refund money, the machine will automatically on or refund COINS, electric equipment
is made up of thousands of electronic components, electrical engineer is the most headache is electromagnetic interference,
especially in high frequency, ultra high frequency electromagnetic interference, the problem is now and in the future is difficult to conquer.

Product introduction:
Working voltage: 36 v

Working pattern: 580 MHZ frequency straight

Antenna pattern: built-in strengthen antenna (sealed)

Instrument color: black

Size: 110 x46x30mm

Instrument power: 25 w

Power switch: single open

Cooling modes: internal heat sink

Applicable models: single pokies, attachment slot machines, roulette machine, COINS, paper money, lottery type,
the machine in Europe and America, mainland machines, 3 d animal, 3 d racing.

Instrument characteristics: the latest debug high-frequency radio frequency signal, it is suitable for the machine more,
because belong to flash alarm capacity ultra-high frequency equipment relatively stronger.
Adopt imported transistor has a strong compression capacity.Using grouping hole charge, the power supply voltage can be higher,

Charging: three holes per hole charge for 20 minutes, try not to overshoot, has frequency inching switch:
frequency increases clockwise and counterclockwise frequency is reduced.  1 gear is low, 2 gear is mid,3 gear is high
1, the coil is made of high quality bold enameled wire, precision round, more standard, more stable, more power
2, imported high power transistor (function stronger)
3, the latest debug method, the frequency is higher, farther
Instrument charging don’t overshoot, 20 minutes per hole
Instrument cannot at the same time according to the three gear, at the same time according to the words will lead to instrument burned!



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