EMP No.3

27V Voltage Generator Electromagnetic Pulse Generator Anti Alarm

This emp generator  Applicable models: single emp device
Estrella de metro
El ogro
Dragón ball tipo millonario
Fruit cocktail
Crazy carrera Taiwan
Millonario plus
Millonario 2
Pinball estrella de metro
Máquinas de peluches
Estrella de metro
Happy fruit
Star 3
Super alianza
Fruit King
Pinball 5 y 6 pelotas
Pinball 5×5 y 7×7
Pinball 567 bolas

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Product introduction:

Power source: 9V square battery in series

Working voltage: 3PC*9V=27V

Working mode: 56MHZ direct frequency

Antenna mode: built-in + enhanced external [non removable]

Instrument color: Black

Instrument power: 20W

Power switch: push button switch

Heat radiation mode: internal heat sink