Stationary Adjustable Emp emp generator with Safe Case

Stationary Adjustable Emp emp generator with Safe Case

1Package contents
1pc Desktop
1pc AC Charger
1pc Car Charger
1pc Antenna 

Power supply voltage: 12.6V
Working voltage: 35V
Antenna mode: built-in + enhanced external [can removable]
Color: Marlboro instrument
Instrument size: 90X55X30MM
Instrument power: 20W
Power switch: single switch
Heat radiation mode: internal heat sink

1, single hole charging note: special charger
2, the use of 3 series A product lithium battery voltage boost [35V], the capacity is greater, more durable
3, the battery is used to automatically restore the fuse, the safety performance is higher

– Intermittent work (one click). Cannot work continuously.
– There are not many machines that can be scored. Try more machine location.

Test Before Use:
The EMP generator can light up an efficient bulb without power on. When the instrument is close to the luminous tube part of the lamp, and the lamp will light up, indicating that the quality of the instrument is good. It can be used for related tests. Do not touch 


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