Emp Jammer

Remote Control Power Bank Style Emp Jammer No.2

100M Emp Tools Jammer Generator Dual Frequency High Power Transmitter Coil With Remote Control

Application:claw crane(toy crane / skill crane) and More Machine (Need You To Test)

Working voltage: DC 37.8V

Working mode: 470MHZ+18HZ mixing pulse  straight frequency 100M METRE remote control

Antenna mode: built-in reinforced antenna + external high-frequency antenna

Style: Charging Power Bank Style with USB C Input, Backup Charger

Instrument size: exactly the same as portable battery Style

Instrument power: 30W

Charging time: 15 minute

Power switch: Remote Control

Heat dissipation mode: internal heat sink

Charger: input: 110-220 vac

Cooling mode:  heat sink + temperature protectionIt has a concealed, involves many aspectsEquipment characteristics: the latest debug ultra-high frequency, more suitable machine, flash alarm prevention ability is stronger.Adopt imported transistor has a strong compression capacity,Transmitter using electronic temperature control technology, the instrument according to casually won’t burn out.Exclusive design: puckering direct charging, charging stability, take longer to apply

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