iphone EMP

EMP Phone Generator High Frequency Voltage Adjustable Pluse Wave generators

This emp generator tools Applicable models: single game machine, wire machines, machine coin type, paper type, type of lottery, Europe and the United States machine, machines, animals 3D, 3D racing,Super millonario plus
Estrella de metro
El ogro
Dragón ball tipo millonario
Fruit cocktail
Crazy carrera Taiwan
Millonario plus
Millonario 2
Pinball estrella de metro
Máquinas de peluches
Estrella de metro
Happy fruit
Star 3
Super alianza
Fruit King
Pinball 5 y 6 pelotas
Pinball 5×5 y 7×7
Pinball 567 bolas

emp tool for sale signal generator,emp generator,emp tool,emp generators,emp tools Generate electromagnetic wave signal Application: detect signal,radio signal,wifi signal,GPS signal,5G signal,4G signal,RF signal,simulate signal,infrared signal,camera signal,Cell phone signal Can repair or test a variety of machines and equipment, a wide range of applications No extra Settings required No additional Settings are required, and can be used with one click For All Country

Product introduction:

Standard Edition:470MHZ

Advanced: 470MHZ+18HZ mixing pulse

Remote Control Ver: 570MHZ+18HZ 470MHZ+18HZ 270MHZ+18HZ 150MHZ+18HZ

Antenna mode: built-in reinforced antenna + external high-frequency antenna

Instrument size: exactly the same as phone

Instrument power: 30W

Power supply voltage: 37.8v

Charging time: 10 minute

Power switch: trigger type

Heat dissipation mode: internal heat sink

Instrument features: the latest double-sided glass Moblie shape, more hidden, more convenient. Using the latest microcontroller program, the instrument output is more stable, the latest debug high-frequency rf signal, more suitable machine, because belong to uhf device flash alarm capacity is relatively stronger, compression capability is strong, adopts imported from transistor battery 9 pieces of 320 ma A lithium battery, battery durable instrument more stable work, 37.8 V chargers for charging directly, more stable power supply voltage.