Fingerprint Lock Door System Jammer No.11

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Applicable models: Fingerprint Lock ,Smart door lock fingerprint lock,smart fingerprint password deadbolt door lock

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The power supply voltage: 33 v

Working voltage: 30 v – 33 v

Work mode: 560 MHZ frequency + [3 hz – 28 hz] X560MHZ mixing

Antenna pattern: built-in + strengthen external – removable

Instrument color: transparent

Size: 85 x50x21mm

Instrument power: 30 w

Power switch: pull plug type

Cooling modes: internal heat sink

Instrument power supply:
1 33 V puckering charging note: special charger
2, the eight series of A product lithium battery (30-33 v series voltage), larger capacity, durable
3, battery terminal USES the self-recovery fuse, higher safety performance
4, the charger current 350 ma, the biggest battery faster

1, enameled wire coil is made of high quality, precision round, more standard and more stable
2, imported high power transistor (function stronger)
3, the latest debug method, power is more powerful

Frequency of gear is introduced:
Boot the default frequency:
E gear: 28 hzx560mhz mixing
0 gear: 560 MHZ frequency straight
1 gear: 3 hzx560mhz mixing
2 gear: 5 hzx560mhz mixing
3 gear: 78 hzx560mhz mixing
4 gear: 9 hzx560mhz mixing
5 gear: 118 hzx560mhz mixing
6 gear: 13 hzx560mhz mixing
7 gear: 15 hzx560mhz mixing
8 gear: 17 hzx560mhz mixing
9 gear: 18 hzx560mhz mixing
F gear: 20 hzx560mhz mixing
E gear: 28 hzx560mhz mixing


1.connect the battery, put antenna on the white gears

(0 is Direct frequency, it for drop coin from machine,

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,E,F is get more fast,It adds credits for machine)

3.Put the emp near the coin or bill acceptor

4. Press the button ,It will work


It will last 3 -4 hours

If the power is off, you need charge it for 3 hours

When the charger light is one red and one green, it means it is charging


Additional information

Weight 0.3 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 mm