Fingerprint Door Lock Jammer No.11

$200.00 $170.00

Fingerprint Lock Jammer,門禁指紋鎖幹擾破解器,Fingerprint Door Lock Jammer, Bloqueo de puerta con huella digital,Brouilleur de serrure de porte d’empreinte digitale, Fingerabdruck-Türschloss-Störsender, Jammer blocco porta impronte digitali,Jammer дверного замка отпечатка пальца,Jammer do fechamento de porta da impressão digital:

The power supply voltage: 33 v

Working voltage: 30 v – 33 v

Work mode: 560 MHZ frequency + [3 hz – 28 hz] X560MHZ mixing

Antenna pattern: built-in + strengthen external – removable

Instrument color: transparent

Size: 85 x50x21mm

Instrument power: 30 w

Power switch: pull plug type

Cooling modes: internal heat sink

The fingerprint lock was stolen by the small black box and shocked many people. The principle of the so-called “small black box” second open fingerprint lock is a Tesla coil that can generate a huge magnetic field, which interferes with some fingerprint locks being opened directly after the device restarts. The fingerprint lock is “opened in seconds”. Some fingerprint lock manufacturers wrap a layer of material that can prevent electromagnetic interference on the chip in order to prevent the small black box from being stolen. Other fingerprint lock manufacturers separate the front and rear fingerprint panels. The front panel is electromagnetically interfered, and the rear panel It can also work normally. The safer point is to do the processing on the fingerprint lock program, such as Pu Shu’s finger vein lock. Even if the small black box is restarted after interference, it is still locked, so as to prevent the fingerprint lock from being opened by interference.