Multiple Emp Jammer No.7


Product introduction:
Power supply voltage: 37.8V
Working voltage: 33V-37.8V
Working mode: 560MHZ direct frequency +[3HZ-28HZ]X560MHZ mixing
Antenna mode: built-in + enhanced external – Removable
Instrument color: transparent
Instrument size: 85X50X21MM
Instrument power: 30W
Power switch: plug type
Heat radiation mode: internal heat sink

Principle: The EMPSALE produces a high-frequency electromagnetic wave field. 
An energy-saving lamp around the generator induces electromagnetic waves and generates an electric current.  
When the electric energy is sufficient, the bulb will light up.


Typical applications: Fingerprint lock, slot, claw cranes, game machines, etc,Lucky Jackpot,Fruit Slot,arcade game machine,magic Show,Fish Table Game More….

Safety test

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