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Used for single line slot machines, slot machines, roulette slot machines, coins, paper money, lottery type
For fish game oncean king 2 3 wukong table machine 777 slot

The power supply voltage: 33.0 V
Charging voltage: 12.6 V + special 33 V adapter
Working frequency: 480 MHZ frequency + 28 straight gears can be adjusted
Working temperature: – 20-48 ℃
Product size: launch head – 50 mmx50mm
Charging time: 1.5 hours to 2 hours
Function introduce
(1) gears
Boot the default display – F18
Long press the gear for 3 seconds – display voltage
Normal voltage: 25.1 V to 33.6 V
Low voltage: less than 25 v
Long press the gear for 3 seconds, switch back to display frequency
Click the gear button shortly for 1 second – you can switch different gears
Gear list:

F00 480MHZ X 0HZ
F01 480MHZ X 1HZ
F02 480MHZ X 2HZ
F03 480MHZ X 3HZ
F04 480MHZ X 4HZ
F05 480MHZ X 5HZ
F06 480MHZ X 6HZ
F07 480MHZ X 7HZ
F08 480MHZ X 8HZ
F09 480MHZ X 9HZ
F10 480MHZ X 10HZ
F11 480MHZ X 11HZ
F12 480MHZ X 12HZ
F13 480MHZ X 13HZ
F14 480MHZ X 14HZ
F15 480MHZ X 15HZ
F16 480MHZ X 16HZ
F17 480MHZ X 17HZ
F18 480MHZ X 18HZ
F19 480MHZ X 19HZ
F20 480MHZ X 20HZ
F21 480MHZ X 21HZ
F22 480MHZ X 22HZ
F23 480MHZ X 23HZ
F24 480MHZ X 24HZ
F25 480MHZ X 25HZ
F26 480MHZ X 26HZ
F27 480MHZ X 27HZ
F28 480MHZ X 28HZ

Emitter switch : press the emitter switch long time, it will work long for machines, press the emitter switch short time, it will work short for machines.

When the LED digit display shows OFF, it means the battery is power off, you need charge it

DO NOT press the emitter switch more than 10 seconds, it will hurt the emp !!!


1.charge it for 2 hours , when the red lgiht turn to green , it means it is full charged

2.connect the battery, put antenna on the white gears

4.Put the emp near the coin or bill acceptor

5. Press the button ,It will work