عالية التردد اللاسلكية نبض الموجات الكهرومغناطيسية التشويش عالية الطاقة الارسال لفائف مولد عالي الفلطية Emp التشويش فتحة آلة

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Working voltage: 37.8v

Working mode: 470MHZ+18HZ mixing pulse  straight frequency remote control

Antenna mode: built-in reinforced antenna + external high-frequency antenna

Instrument size: exactly the same as portable battery Style

Instrument power: 30W

Power supply voltage: 37.8v

Charging time: 1.5 hours

Power switch: trigger type

Heat dissipation mode: internal heat sink

Charger: input: 110-220 vac

Output: 37.8 VDC – 150 ma

Cooling mode:  heat sink + temperature protection

It has concealedinvolves many aspects
Equipment characteristics: the latest debug ultra-high frequency, more suitable machine, flash alarm prevention ability is stronger.Adopt imported transistor has a strong compression capacity,
Transmitter using electronic temperature control technology, the instrument according to casually won’t burn out.Exclusive design: 36 v puckering direct charging, charging stability, take longer to apply
(the first battery must be sufficient enough for 1 hours in a row, so battery life is longer)

High frequency wireless pulse Electromagnetic wave jammer High power Transmitter coil voltage generator Emp Jammer Slot machine

عالية التردد اللاسلكية نبض الموجات الكهرومغناطيسية التشويش عالية الطاقة الارسال لفائف مولد عالي الفلطية Emp التشويش فتحة آلة

Hohe frequenz drahtlose puls Elektromagnetische welle jammer High power Sender spule spannung generator Emp Jammer Slot maschine
Jammer de ondas electromagnéticas de pulso inalámbrico de alta frecuencia, transmisor de alta potencia, generador de voltaje de bobina, máquina de ranura de Jammer Emp

Machine de fente de brouilleur d’emp de générateur de tension de bobine d’émetteur de puissance élevée de brouilleur d’onde électromagnétique d’impulsion sans fil à haute fréquence
Frekuensi Tinggi Wireless Pulse Gelombang Elektromagnetik Jammer High Power Transmitter Coil Voltage Generator Emp Jammer Mesin Slot
Slot machine ad alta frequenza senza fili ad alta frequenza del generatore di tensione della bobina del trasmettitore ad alta potenza del trasmettitore dell’onda elettromagnetica di impulso
גבוהה תדר אלחוטי דופק אלקטרומגנטית גל jammer גבוהה כוח משדר סליל מתח גנרטור Emp Jammer חריץ מכונת

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Weight 0.2 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 mm