emp generator charge current for slot machine

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Has the following advantages:

  • Transmit signal stability will not generate feedback interference
  • 8 in 1 detection?Performance greatly improved
  • The button adopts the high current replaceable contact shrapnel design which is not easy to breakdown
  • Voltage display function
  • Stronger signal penetration
  • The volume small can put in the cigarette case
  • Instructions for use:
    The product you buy is not a remote control (the store is ?not a fool so you can go to a remote receiver to win its money)
    This product is a strong electric field tester must be close to the designated place test machine
    Suggested use: (9V Nanfu battery brand basic) or high current 9V rechargeable battery
    Automatic type: press and holdManual type:?must be interrupted launch or not function and easy broken the jammer (press and release each second 2 times )
    Notice 1. finger should not be too close to the coil or jamming signal will be block by your finger ? ?2.must touch the tube glass will shineWhy not light? :1- power is too low
    2- When is used, the finger should not be too close to the coil (because it is too close to the human body and the body will absorb it)3- the front coil must touch the lamp tube to shine

    Why and when is the 6 angle screw connected?The function of connecting the 6 angle screw and connecting the external antenna is the same that to Enhance the power .Unless you want to touch the metal of the coin port /the rocker head metal/put in to coin port or you no need connect antenna or 6 angle screw

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