Powerful EMP Jammer Black Fruit Machine Jammer

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Powerful EMP Jammer Black Slot Machine Jammer

Instrument power :30W
The power supply voltage :33V
Frequency Band :560 MHZ frequency + [3 hz – 28 hz] X560MHZ mixing
Antenna pattern :built-in + strengthen external – removable
Size :85 x50x21mm

1, through the pulse oscillation circuit composed of MCU + transistor.To shock the booster after the power supply,

processing it more Appropriate frequency

2, through a dedicated RF transistor to signal after finishing of high frequency amplifier,

and then through the high frequency coil again sorting signal high output radio frequency magnetic field signal

Fruit Machine Jammer

emp jammer cheat device

Product introduction:

The power supply voltage: 33 v

Working voltage: 30 v – 33 v

Work mode: 560 MHZ frequency + [3 hz – 28 hz] X560MHZ mixing

Antenna pattern: built-in + strengthen external – removable

Instrument color: transparent

Size: 85 x50x21mm

Instrument power: 30 w

Charging time:3 hours

Power switch: pull plug type

Cooling modes: internal heat sink


1, enameled wire coil is made of high quality, precision round, more standard and more stable

2, imported high power transistor (function stronger)

3, the latest debug method, power is more powerful


Frequency of gear is introduced:

Boot the default frequency:

E gear 28 hzx560mhz mixing

0 Gear 560 MHZ frequency straight

Gear 1: 3 mixing hzx560mhz

2 gear 5 hzx560mhz mixing

3 gear 78 hzx560mhz mixing

Gear 4: 9 hzx560mhz mixing

5 gear 118 hzx560mhz mixing

6 gear 13 hzx560mhz mixing

7 gear 15 hzx560mhz mixing

8 gear 17 hzx560mhz mixing

9 gear 18 hzx560mhz mixing

F gear 20 hzx560mhz mixing

E gear 28 hzx560mhz mixing