We don’t accept payments with Paypal, due to their policy. We don’t accept credit cards on our website, however you can use your credit card on Western Union website. Please read below for more details.

To Pay using Gift cards:
1. You can get gift cards from one of the following retailers:
Amazon retailers:
Paying with Credit card. If total price of gift card is not equivalent to the order amount, we will either reduce the order or increase it to march up, if difference is not much, we give it as bonus
2. send your claim codes or card numbers, expire date, pictures of the gift cards and cash receipts to for validation.
3. After we receive your mail with card details, we will process your order, ship and notify you through our website and email of the current status.
NB: if you don’t provide proof of physical purchase (pictures of receipt and the card itself), we will not process your order. Please consider AMAZON gift card.

once payment is confirmed, shipping will take place within the next 47 Hours.