How to Make Emp Jammer for Slot Machine – Powerful EMP Generator

Applicable models:
Single pokies, attachment slot machines, roulette machine, COINS, paper money,lottery type, the machine in Europe and America, mainland machines, 3 d animal, 3 d racing.

Instrument characteristics:
1.The latest commissioning high frequency radio frequency signal.
2.It is suitable for the machine more and stronger flash alarm prevention ability.
3.Adopt imported transistor has a strong compression capacity.
4.Using grouping hole charge, the power supply voltage can be higher,
5.Charging bore three each 15 to 20 minutes, try not to overshoot.

1, enameled wire coil is made of high quality, precision round, more standard and more stable
2, imported high power transistor (function stronger)
3, the latest debug method, power is more powerful
Use the tip:
The instrument while there is no frequency regulation and power regulation function,
but can be by adjusting the number of turns of external antenna or density to adjust the power of the launch, and frequency
The more laps, the higher the frequency
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