GSM Cell Jammer Repeater DCS1800 MHZ 4G LTE Mobile Amplifer Smart Phone Signal Booster


1. What is the repeater/signal booster?

In telecommunications, a repeater is an electronic device that receives a signal and?retransmits?it at?a higher level or higher power, or onto the?other side of an obstruction, so that the signal can cover longer distances.(Means, repeater cannot?produce the signals,just?convey?the?higher signal area to poor signal area. So you must ensure when you want use the repeater, must find a place where the signal is higher, usuallly?should be higher -85dBm).?You can refer Wiki?

2. What Kinds of repeaters should I purchase?

When you decide to buy a repeater, first thing you should consider:

A.Your mobile operators’ frequency.

For example:In US there are over 5 operators(AT&T, Verizon, T-mobile..) frequency include: 700,800,850,1700,1800,1900,2100,2600.So you should confirm which frequeny you want to boost. If you want to boost 850,1700,1900. You need purchase triband system repeater(850,1700,1900). If you just want to boost 1700, just need to purchase single system 1700mhz repeater.?But be notes that?the price will be double as?with double the system.

B.How large the obstuctions you want to cover?

This questions is very important and also very complextive. Usually you?need?some specilists advices to provide the coverage solutions. But for home coverage,?we want to make it simple:?the outpower of 10dBm(10mw). Usually can cover?200m2 and with 1 antena. 13dBm:?300m2. 17dBm:1000m2. 20dBm:1500m2. 23dBm:2000m2. (We talked about the coverage mean not?any obstructions. if you want to cover 1 foor about 200 dBm, you buy 13dBm with 1 antena, But?if you want cover?2?foor. You should?buy?2 antena?(1?for first, 2?for second).

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