Fruit Slot Machines Jammer 27V type Slot Machine Jammer Blocker

Fruit Slot Machines Jammer 27V type Slot Machine Jammer Blocker
Product introduction:
Electricity source, square 9 v battery series
Working voltage: 24 v and 36 v
Working pattern: 360 MHZ frequency straight
Antenna pattern: built-in + strengthen external (sealed)
Instrument color: white
Instrument size: 35 x30x18mm
Instrument power: 20 w
The power switch, push button switch
Cooling modes: internal heat sink
It needs 5 pieces 9V batteries
Trial version: single pokies, attachment slot machines, roulette machine,
Instrument features: adopts the design of hand and wrist, can be hidden in the sleeve, legs, or inside the shoe, concealment is better.

Work process:
1, through the high frequency inductive power supply (24 to 36 v) for oscillating signal processing, sideways to the appropriate frequency.
2, through the special RF transistor pulse oscillation circuit.The inductive signal amplification processing after finishing.
3, through the high frequency coil output rf signal sorting again high magnetic field of electromagnetic wave signal output
Working on separator principle: game consoles and separator can emit high frequency electromagnetic wave,
the console on the motherboard has a control chip, with game consoles can interfere with the game board,
coin, key points, high frequency magnetic field signal can penetrate the machine internal wire, resistor,
capacitor, chip, IC, transistor, SCM, etc., after the interference on the points on the integrated circuit
receives signals or refund money, the machine will automatically on or refund COINS, electric equipment is
made up of thousands of electronic components, electrical engineer is the most headache is electromagnetic interference,
especially in high frequency, ultra high frequency electromagnetic interference, the problem is now and difficult to conquer the problem in the future.

1, enameled wire coil is made of high quality, precision round, more standard and more stable
2, imported high power transistor (function stronger)
3, the latest debug method, power is more powerful
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