EMP Jammer FAQ:

How does slot machine EMP jammer work

EMP jammer can interfere with a variety of electronic equipment, which is known to all.Here we talk about how EMP pulse interferer works on slot machine

Function 1:Add Score on slot machines or any other table games machine ,Pulse jammer powerful pulse energy can interfere with the level signal of the circuit to Add score from coin slot ,card reader ,Banknote machine

Function 2:Make you easy to win, easy to kill big fish, make slot machines easy to win money,Using different chips to make different styles of EMP pulse jammer can send out different frequencies. Some special frequencies can interfere with the main board program of slot machines and fish machines, causing the misjudgment of the main board, and it will make you win money like crazy (which frequency is useful to you, no one knows, only you try it yourself)

1.Charge For 20 Minutes
2.It Cannot be Run Swith For too long
3.The sigan is on the back and antenna
4.use Clinging to the keyboard and Screen. Coin mouth. paper Money Mouth.Lottery Type Mouth.counter and More machine….
5.The antenna Signal Can Be enhanced Get Free points Coin.Vending Machine merchandise get higher Permissions

How to use EMP pulse jammer
First of all, you have to make sure that the EMP pulse jamming signal can enter slot machines, fish machines and other equipment,There are a lot of places where interference can get into the mainframe:

1.Metal remote control rod through fish machine 2.Slot coin 3.card reader 4.screen 5.horn You can try to find new ways

en you get a reship.

Signaling Quality by Selling through a Reputable Retailer: An Example of Renting the Reputation of Another Agent

This paper gives an example of renting the reputation of another agent to signal quality. We show that in a ”maximally” separating equilibrium, manufacturers of high quality products distribute through retailers with strong reputation (reputable retailers), while manufacturers of low quality products distribute through retailers with no reputation (discounters). In this way, even if high quality manufacturers have no reputation of their own to post as bond, they can signal quality by posting the reputation of the retailers. In equilibrium, reputable retailers never default on their reputation. We also show that it pays the retailers to invest in reputation, as reputable retailers earn profits bounded away from zero under endogenous sequential entry, while the discounters’ profits are zero.

How to sell your Jammer

Step 1. Agent visits to take a mandate
Step 2. Provide Installation technology for Product accessories
Step 3. Provide sales Skills. Marketing your Jammer

EMPSALE have helped thousands of clients to sell Jammer in World over the past two decades. The selling process is fairly straightforward and in this guide we aim to give you an overall view of how the process works. Our short video guide will talk you through the entire process – or read the more detailed step-by-step guide below.

Q:How to join Vip?
A:Become VIP member so that you can invite the hosts as many as possible.
5pcs —————- Discount 5% 10%PCS—————- SDiscount 10%Q:How to use it?
A:Please Contact us For more tips,All the products are labelled with comprehensive instructions. website:http://empsale.com

Q:Which one is better for you ?
There is no one hundred percent of the things that working all of your machine ,we have more than 24 types product that in difference frequency and power if you want working on more machine you need have our 2~3 types device.

Q:How can i get discount price and wholesale price?
A:We have preferential policies without dealing through Aliexpress,Because There will be a commission through aliexpress. There is no discount that Causes discounts

Q:Which Machines can this product be used?
A:The application fields of the products are very wide,including some electronic products related to Circuits, which can be tested.

Q:Can I customize the product?
A:If you have design needs, we will communicate with you the first time.
Contact us-tell us your opinion and idea, it is always necessary for us to communication each other.
Should you find any additional issues not covered, please contact us.

Common fault:
1 battery damage, mainly due to the charging time is too long. The correct charge should be maintained in charging hole filling 15~30 minutes, easy to burn out the battery overcharge.
2. Triode is easy to damage, mainly due to the long time press the switch on the transistor caused by overheating, the correct way to use is control switch 3 ~ 5 seconds immediately release, a few seconds press switch to used again.

Before Purchase notice
the following circumstances refuse to return:
There is no quality problem, we refuse to return (we don’t accept return if you say not working on your machine ,can let daylight lamp flashing indicates that the machine is good)

Improper use of damage, we refuse to return(Don’t used it when Charging or broken)

If quality problem need return :
1. write the items as car adapter 2.Declared value 15usd/pc