About Jammer FAQ:
Low frequency jammer slot:
Mainly to play the game screen, the market 90% console board is on the screen, the main board has a remote control to the points of the line, so as to achieve the purpose of points. The remote controller is aligned with the energy-saving lamp, which can emit light, and can be effectively controlled.
High frequency jammer slot:
This is the early emergence of products. High frequency into a foot machine and currency under the king, using 45V as power voltage. On the right side of the interference plus press keys and machine line. The purpose of reaching points. The power is larger, the currency under the king of good effect, time is short, but easy to crash.

1. How does tge jamming process gets stopped? Since the slot machine keeps counting and counting credit. So how does the jammer / or the jammed slot machine terminates the jamming process? ( slot machine jammer for Increase money)

2. Maybe there are any specific slot machine models / types you have designed the jammer? Could you share more for which types of slot machines it was designed for?(yes ,some jammer for single line slot machines, slot machines, roulette slot machines, coins, paper money, lottery type)

3. What technical function would carry antenna? In relation to slot machine / or any other function? Frequency range of antenna, like sub 1 GHz or higher?
(Antenna can enhance the power of transmission,that all)
4. Have you tested jammer in a real world environment in a casino? Any results from there?(yes good working)

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